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Namecheap is one of the best domain name registrars out there. When it comes to web hosting though, well, that’s a whole different story.

Buy domain name for cheap with best Namecheap domain offers

The company was originally started to offer domain name. However, it soon grew, got popular, and built a brand. So, they decided to expand their services into web hosting.

Not that Namecheap hosting is bad. It’s just that there are better alternatives.

But when it comes to buy a domain name for cheap, it is definitely the very best. Nearly 8 million domains have been registered here.

Here are some of the pros of Namecheap:

Pros of Namecheap

  • Affordable domains – great Namecheap domain offer for new customers

  • Find a wide range of TLDs. Get ‘.design’, ‘.club’ and other extensions easily

  • Free (forever) WhoisGuard privacy protection with every domain. Your personal details remain hidden

  • Free DNSSEC that keeps your domain name safe from hack attacks.

  • Free email forwarding

  • Free 60 days trial of private email hosting service

  • Free unlimited domain parking

  • Cheap SSL certificates

  • User-friendly, clean Namecheap domain cPanel so you don’t get lost in the what’s and how’s

  • Low renewable prices

  • Enough online DIY resources (Knowledge Base) to help yourself

  • Responsive and satisfying live chat support

Cons of Namecheap

Not to sound biased, but there aren’t many cons of Namecheap.

What their website promises, they deliver – from low Namecheap domain cost to easy transfers to free Whois privacy.

One area where you might find them displeasing though is their customer support. You can’t call them if you need any help. Depending on who you’re talking to on the other end, the live chat support can be slow.

Aside from this, there’s not much to dislike about the Namecheap domain name service.

Have a Domain Already?

Transferring your domain from another registrar to Namecheap is quite easy. And it usually takes less than 2 hours.

Namecheap assures no down-time. Moreover, it provides personal assistance if you're transferring multiple domains.

The price is low. You won't lose the remaining time you have with your current registrar.

Plus, as a part of the transfer, your domain would be renewed for a year.

So, if you already have a domain, transfer to Namecheap. It's easy and cheap!

Transfer Domain to Namecheap


Features: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Security: 5/5

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Customer support: 4.5/5

Here's a Namecheap domain finder. Check out if your desired domain name is available or not below:

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